Antwerp and the industry

Antwerp Final

Expertise and heritage

Antwerp has been the diamond capital for decades. 80% of the world’s rough diamonds and 50% of polished diamonds are traded through Antwerp. Major diamond mining companies, trading companies and cutting and polishing companies from all around the globe choose the city as the preferred location for selling their diamonds (see "Diamonds love Antwerp" video by AWDC here).

Antwerp is the worlds’ largest diamond trading centre, and specialist manufacturing centre for top-quality high-value diamonds. The industry employs over than 34,000 people, with 1,800 diamond companies, 300 workshops/factories, and four diamond bourses. These businesses are concentrated around just three streets, the ‘Diamond District’, located only footsteps away from Antwerp’s magnificent and newly renovated Central train station. It is a long-established centre with a well-regulated, safe and secure trading environment. Luxury retailers and prestigious jewellery boutiques buy diamonds in Antwerp, as the city has the best selection of the finest gems in the world, which are traded at wholesale prices.