Diamonds as an investment
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Why invest in diamond?

Diamonds are increasingly being viewed as an asset class by the global investor community. In today's investment market, traditional investments are yielding either low or unstable returns. Over the past few years there has been a growing interest in alternative investments as a means of diversification and achieving stronger returns.

Investing in diamonds has an extensive number of benefits as part of an overall wealth strategy:

      • Portfolio diversification: Diamonds are relatively uncorrelated with other asset classes, providing flexibility and diversifying risks.
      • Hedge: Diamonds can hedge against inflation more effectively than many other financial products.
      • Price Stability: Even during a recession, investors tend to first liquidate easily replaceable assets. A flood of diamonds on the market (excess of supply) is therefore unlikely to happen.
      • Long Term Growth: Rarity and steadily increasing diamond demand will drive prices upwards for the coming years as they have over the past three decades.
      • Portability: Despite their extremely high value, diamonds are insignificant in terms of size and weight. This particular characteristic makes diamonds the most concentrated form of wealth available, with minimal need to incur costly storage like other tangible assets.
      • Uniqueness: Diamonds are rare and exotic, and people find much personal pleasure from owning something so unique.
      • Investment exit: Investsors can liquidate and exit their investment through many channels, which Jardin De Diamants can assist with, including wholesale and retail markets, auction houses, and private collectors and other investors.