Investment Box

Jardin de Diamants and ID-Diamonds proudly presents ID-Knox. This innovative system has taken diamond investment to another level:

  • it combines sets of certified diamonds to certified units,
  • creates a unique form of safekeeping that meets the highest safety standards and demands with regard to transportability, fungibility and representative status,
  • allows the control of quality and performance development at any time, with the help of a secure data interface,
  • facilitates resale.

ID-Knox boxes are made out of highly transparent, light and scratch-proof plastic connected with security rivets. Each box has an integrated chip with tamper-resistant depositing of all documents (GIA certificates for each diamond, DDI report for the units). Investors can also follow the value performance of the diamond unit. In addition, it also comes with a GPS option to enable investors to track down the location of their diamonds. To download our ID-Knox brochure, please click here. For more information please contact us.