Ringer Family

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Expertise and heritage

Jardin de Diamants was founded by Raphael Ringer, the fourth generation of one of the most respected diamond families in Antwerp. Coming from a long lineage of diamond traders and polishers, Raphael aims to open a window to this fascinating, tight-knit industry, and share his expertise and privileged trading access with private consumers. Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment.

In 1920, Charles Ringer, Raphael's great-grandfather established himself as a local trader of diamonds in Antwerp. Almost 65 years ago, Nathan Glatt, Raphael's grandfather, entered the diamond business as a trader of rough diamonds and specialist polisher of top-quality gems. He was appointed as a De Beers Sightholder in the 1960's, in recognition of the strength of his business. Eli Ringer, Charles Ringer's grandson and Raphael's father, also followed the diamond path. He became a successful, widely-respected expert trader of both rough and polished gems, selling to companies all over the world. He was also appointed Vice President of the Kimberley Task Force, an industry body dedicated to eradicating the trade in conflict diamonds.